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rob-headshot.jpgLike it or not, I know someday we all will look back and realize how important, how mission critical dads were to us.

Why the passion for fathers you might ask, ask the guy who only minimally had one.  No father that would tell me how proud he was of me, how he loved me and how he wanted the best for me.  To help me to grow-up to be a man of honor, nope, no man like that in my life.  What I did have was a terribly cruel step father.

I dodged the bullet.  All statistics were weighted heavily against me.

Fortunately I surrounded myself with families and friends that could show me what a healthy family dynamic is and how a mission focused  dad could significantly impact his kids and family.  

Fortunately I have an insatiable appetite for reading.  Reading anything I could get my hands on about healthy role models that would make me a better father.

Fortunately I met the most amazing wife that spurred me to be the best father and husband I could be. Fortunately I have God in my life, the perfect Father.

We clearly understand men as a group have a huge tidal wave of pop culture moving against them and without question it's devastating.

I'm  impassioned to provide fathers, tools of all kinds to help them be better men, better fathers, and better husbands.  Whether you use the site for its timely news articles, or the" I Wish I Knew" Educational Center I hope you'll find Fathers for Families a great benefit.  

Anytime, let me know how we can make Fathers for Families more critically important towards your quest to be a better father.

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Let's Support Dads!!

Rob Miner is a father, businessman and active community member. He is passionate about his family! He has created an online web resource called Fathers for Families that empowers men to be the best fathers they can be through the use of products, tools, books, blogs, etc.

Based in Silicon Valley, Fathers for Families is a nonprofit support and educational organization that provides valuable training and resources so that men of honor can meet their families needs. For years, Rob has created atmosphere for his father friends by being involved in sports and extracurricular activities. He has annual burger cook-off parties and encourages people to get together in a fun and honorable way. Whether it is a burger cook off with music and fun dessert stations, or whether it is gathering the troops to have a fun classic car show…he makes it fun and he can show you how too!

Through simple teaching methods provided in easy to use kits, books and eventually videos, Fathers for Families will get you resources you can use to teach and train yourselves and your children about living in an honorable way. From topics on Finance to fundraising for a community event, there are many different ways to use this resourceful and informational site. We all are asked to do things for our communities, whether it is through our children's schools, our church, or at work. Why not be the catalyst to build great relationships with your parents, kids and community? It's easy.

Browse the stories and articles that have been presented for your benefit, share them with your family. Be notified of upcoming events. Take advantage of the free books and dvds - only pay shipping/handling!

Want something to share with your other Father friends? There is clothing apparel and gift cards available as well.

The Fundraiser Kits are especially valuable as they are setup to get you everything you need to get a fundraiser started! He has provided sample art that can be taken to any print shop and have text applied for flyers and banners. There is also a PDF booklet that goes through all the how-to’s to put on a great event! Get all three and have fun in your community!

Fathers for Families’ goal is to reverse the corrosive cultural trend eating away at families without fathers. By helping every dad and husband to learn how to be a man of honor, they can leave a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Through positive mentorship and occasional speaking events, Rob Miner is making a difference for today’s men and families.

Join him by letting your loved ones and friends know about this positive resource that has become available online.



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View and order some wonderful books that we have gathered for you Dads out there.

We are Fathers for Families and we want to encourage you to be a better Dad and partner.



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