It is imperative that efforts be made to support the Family.


Fathers for Families is a nonprofit support and educational organization that provides valuable training and resources so that men of honor can meet their families needs.


Our goal is to reverse the corrosive cultural trend eating away at families without fathers. By helping every dad and husband to learn how to be a man of honor, we can leave a legacy that lasts a lifetime.



How would you handle this situation?


Sixteen-year-old Josh was livid, "Mom, you promised! You said that I'd get a car when I was sixteen. You always expect me to keep my promises!"


Mom was frustrated and confused. She'd made that promise two years ago. Part of her believed that she was obligated to live with her promise. The other part of her realized that Josh was now drinking with his friends. She was terrified that this could lead to a driving tragedy. What should she do?








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